The What, The Why:
Vous Cosmetics is a hypothetical makeup brand that creates customized foundation for both men and women, carefully curated for every customer and experience. Vous was created in collaboration with two students from TCU’s Interior Design program, Avery Timberlake and Elizabeth Casillas. This project was a unique opportunity to receive real world branding experience as I was hypothetically “hired” on as the designer to brand the business. The Interior Design program partnered with an agency in Dallas, CallisonRTKL, and the Interior Design students picked between three business options to design for (tattoo parlor, donut shop, makeup store).
The How:
After consulting with the other two students on my team, I gathered that Vous was created to have a warm and trusted brand, all while feeling high-end. By combining a Sans Serif and a Didone Serif typeface, I was able to relay the warm atmosphere in the logo by making it simplistic and clean, which created a sense of elegance. The union of these two allowed for the logo to feel feminine as it is a makeup brand, without constricting it to only female clients.
Vous Cosmetics received Second Place in the CallisonRTKL Dallas Juried Branding Competition (Selected by Josh Petty, Elizabeth Trout, and Lori Lampe)

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