The What, The Why:
Spare Change is a hypothetical money saving and spending app that provides users opportunities to save money through at-home activities and projects, discounted deals in their city, and more. The target market for this app is men and women between the ages of 20-30 in a middle-class demographic. These users are primarily younger college students/post-grad adults that are striving to figure out ways to best manage their finances. Spare Change is the app that will get them excited to create and maintain healthy spending and saving practices that lead to a more successful lifestyle. The prompt for this project was to create 8-10 app screens for an app that would solve a problem for its users.
The How:
The tone-of-voice for Spare Change is educational, professional, and encouraging, without coming across as unapproachable or challenging to understand. With short copy, minimal explanation for use, and being easy to understand, this app will focus on motivating the user to maintain healthy spending practices by tracking their weekly spending/saving habits as well as providing customized DIYs and local deals. Green was used as the primary color to relate heavily to finances, but a gradient adds a friendly nature, avoiding the “stock exchange” financial side that is confusing and overwhelming for many people.

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