The What, The Why:
Kulture is a hypothetical kombucha + spirits bar located on Rainey Street in Austin, Texas. Taking pride in the cohesive environment, this bar is a space for people to gather together. The name, stemming from the cultures coagulated in kombucha, inspires bar patrons to dive deep into authentic conversation, fully embracing other's cultures and backgrounds. The target market for this bar is men and women, ages 21-41 in a middle-class demographic. They are looking for a connected experience with friends both old and new. 
The How:
A sans serif typeface was used to reflect the youth of the brand and the audience it is targeting. Brighter colors combined with muted tones elicit happiness and a sense of calmness all at once. A menu was designed to show what drinks would be offered and to serve as a branding touchpoint for customers. A simple and easy-to-use user interface was created in a web mockup, as many users will be experiencing the brand in-stores and the website is solely a point of interaction with users to provide further information regarding menu options and bar hours. 

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