The What, The Why:
Bumble is a dating app that empowers women to make the first move, encouraging a positive dating experience for every user. Currently, 72% of Bumble’s user demographic is under the age of 35. The target market for this campaign is, in turn, an older audience of 50-65 year old men and women. By reaching this new audience and letting them know that you’re never too old to start dating, Bumble will be able to expand their user demographic and make a larger impact by creating lasting, positive relationships.
The How:
A combination of thoughtful copy and fitting imagery created a cohesive campaign that is united by one overarching objective: to connect people of all ages on a deeper level. Each headline reminisces on dates that are thought to be for younger couples, but are paired with images of older couples to reiterate that you’re never too old to experience these moments. A call-to-action encourages users to download the app and start swiping to find your perfect match.

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