The What, The Why:
Apres Ski is a hypothetical luxury dessert confectionery located in Aspen, Colorado. The name, meaning “after ski”, signifies the experiences that skiers and snowboarders search for at the end of a long day on the slopes. Often, Apres Ski can be defined as the social activities following a day of skiing. The target market for this company is men and women, ages 35-55 in a high-income demographic. They are looking for a delectable experience after a long day in the cold and are willing to pay a pretty price for it, as well.
The How:
An Art Deco inspired typeface was used to reflect the simple wealth and luxury of the brand and the audience it is targeting. Colors of muted blues and blush pinks reach the high-end shopping environment of Aspen. Four logo lockups were created to be used on a variety of scales, while still representing the brand with delicate baking illustrations and rounded forms. A simple and easy-to-use user interface was created in a web mockup, as many users will be experiencing the brand in-stores and the website is solely a point of interaction with users.

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